Crafting Your Inner Foundation: The Key to Thriving in Life and Business

Crafting Your Inner Foundation: The Key to Thriving in Life and Business

I’m not sure which chapter of ‘the world gone wild’ we are in right now, but since 2020 started, it’s been like a never-ending story of moments that feel like a movie, sometimes even unreal.

Life feels more intense, as if we’re tip-toeing around to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or ending up in a wild debate. The world seemed never more divided, yet at the same time, we have never paid more attention and asked more questions.

All in all, we have to pause more often lately to remember that all this is actually happening. Everything. It’s a lot. I know you feel me. But how do we want to make each moment count anyway?


We became obsessed with “ascending,” but have not yet mastered grounding, as recent times and the mental state of the world have shown.

No offense, we are all guilty of it. Especially in the past years, going through what we went through as a collective made it surface more than ever where we stand and what we truly desire — on a mind, heart, body, and soul level.


There’s no endpoint to self-awareness and self-discovery. 2020 and the following years forced us to sit with ourselves and take an honest look within, which I feel was long overdue. So congrats to us, we’re back on track, aren’t we?

It felt like “if you don’t listen, let’s try it the hard way – the universe.” I know it’s not the easiest thing to see the benefits in this time of history, but as the stoics would suggest – AMOR FATI – love of fate. We all received a great lesson in acceptance and turning challenges into golden moments. Yet, we still have to master this new state.

It’s no easy ride and not going well right away. The HOW is always another story, but as the good moments, so are the hard ones part of the full spectrum of life. Here it already begins… how do you choose to approach this spectrum of moments from: “as golden as can be” to “beam me up, I’m done here”?

On this journey called life, this remains a lifelong process, and hopefully, you and I keep getting better and better at it. I personally have never experienced how essential it is to have your inner foundation in place because no one will come to save you.

Sooo, THE ONE thing to focus on is your INNER FOUNDATION.


Long story short: you reclaim your inner authority. You choose your thoughts, your feels, your perception, your actions, how you speak — everything. It’s yours to choose, always. We just forgot the basics and principles that define our foundation. We forgot the magic we carry within. With a strong inner foundation, you are certain about your decisions and choices. You trust yourself. You bet on yourself. Your mind and heart are aligned. You choose how you respond to it all, intentionally with a clear mind.

Intentionally means “with awareness”; awareness keeps you in the present, and this moment right now is the only one that carries all eternal possibilities you get to choose from. With awareness comes attention, attention becomes focused energy. Where you focus your energy on becomes your actions. Make them intentional. Too long we’ve been on the opposite side of the spectrum: all over the place, our energy and minds fragmented, trying to squeeze more and more into the same amount of time.


This is how you actively create your own reality instead of being pulled by the crowds and an outer narrative that felt overwhelming and left many of us depleted in the past years.

It’s like setting your own blueprint for life. What you value. What you manifest. You are clear on how you see the world. Become clear on your perception of the world, so the illusions fall off. You know what is truly yours on a soul level. Not someone else’s path.

What is the concept of life you choose to believe in, what is the one you let go of?
Journal on that.

It feels so good to notice the rising of your own power. It’s like a forgotten love story. Make it your favorite one and start falling for yourself again. Return back to yourself, your center, your own sereneness which describes the state of freedom from disturbance.

What is it that used to disturb your inner peace, preventing you from reclaiming your inner authority?

Your inner foundation will determine how you lead yourself through life. How you lead defines how you treat yourself. How you treat yourself will tell you how much you honor and love yourself.

This is when “love yourself” got a whole new definition for me.


Move away from a rushed world into slowness. Find stillness. Sereneness. Meet yourself. In your own pace. Get to know yourself. Slowing down your thinking process will reduce your reactions and have your response to life aligned with mind and heart. Ground within first. From there, you enter the outside.

Less fight or flight, less survival mode. You are clear. There’s a carefree energy.

There is no single path that everyone should follow or one size fits all. Same here, you get to choose how you want to experience stillness and slowness. However, there is one thing that every aspirant can do right away – and this is zoom out from what surrounds you and zoom in on yourself.

Well, you might say “I heard that before” or “that’s nothing new,” but then why do still so many “fail” at living the well life. Starting with you is the hardest part as you won’t only meet your light but have to dance with your shadow too. Even in that moment, find the creative force in the dark. Remember, AMOR FATI, love of fate. It’s courageous to trust that one day it will make sense. Be in it and know that each suffering is an error of your own thoughts and perception and whatever higher power there is, it’s a sign to readjust and regulate your current state into an upgraded energy where you get back into flow.


Inner foundations are so crucial because they act as a buffer between our thoughts and emotions. They benefit our mental and emotional health. Being in a moment of suffering, the art is to master yourself so that you become aware and you are able to navigate yourself out of this old state into the new.

As long as we stay in touch with these inner principles which we have the permission to define for ourselves, we can manage stress better, cope more effectively with challenges, avoid getting overwhelmed by others’ problems, and remain calm when everything else seems chaotic: all qualities that contribute directly to a sense of well-being.

Again, well-being is how you lead yourself and how much you honor yourself. Make yourself a priority.

You will know what makes you happy, sad and how to deal with both, what makes your heart race with excitement or calmness. You can handle yourself and regulate yourself whenever needed.


This path will come with increased self-awareness. It will shape your imagination followed by your perception, and you won’t even notice right away but one moment you’ll see how your world changed.

This has been a little glimpse of a topic we could probably go on for hours. I wish for you it has given you some helpful insights and food for thought but even more for reflection because who am I to tell you what you need ;) Trust yourself enough that you know exactly what you need and what works for you. I’m here to inspire and maybe set that first little flame alight. It takes only one flame to start a fire.

Become your fire, your own force, fully self-expressed and well in a world that too often tells us to sacrifice what is most essential to us. Our well-being and inner authority. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live a little.

Bet on yourself when it comes to life. Set your own foundation strong within so you have something to build on. Skyscrapers are built deep in the ground before they are built up high. Do the same for yourself.”

Thank you for making it all the way to the end.

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With gratitude,

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