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3 Step Business Starter

3 Step Business Starter

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The 3 essential steps based on simplicity and efficiency packed in a digital PDF Guide that will help you start your online business with Social Media and E-Mail Marketing only without the worry of risky investments or the lack of tech skills… and without the need for a website.

The guide is designed for new, aspiring business starters, self-employed individuals in the early stage business — basically everyone in the realm of one-person businesses with a focus on online services.


You'll dive into 3 main topics: social media, your offer and e-mail marketing basics. In addition there is a quick guide on business mindset and tapping into the role and perception of a business owner combined with a brief excursion on the leverage effect and principles to understand when entering the business journey.


Starting a business is stressful und lots of founders, owners and business starters deal with lots of challenges in the early stages of this new venture. Studies show that 72% of founders / entrepreneurs self-report mental health concerns. This can lead to Burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm and it feels like you're not making any progress and nothing is getting done.

Do you relate to that?

This guide addresses the challenges associated with building a business by providing a comprehensive yet simplified and easily digestible approach to establishing the right foundation both internally and externally. Leading with your well-being in mind.

My intention for you is to create a solid foundation for your business with a focus on Social Media and Email Marketing Basics, without a website and without risky investments, all while taking care of your mental and emotional well-being.

The guide is fully self-paced and available as digital downloadable & printable PDF in A4 and US letter format.right after the purchase.

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