Musings, Essays & Thoughts to inspire, remind & elevate You.

Musings, Essays & Thoughts to inspire, remind & elevate You.

Are We So Focused On The Extraordinary, That We Miss To Master The Ordinary Exceptionally Well?

The lifestyle of trying to be extraordinary can leave you more depleted at times rather than being that thing that sets you free. Why? Because the extra-ordinary actually comes after the ordinary. Before you “being extra”, remember to master your ordinary exceptionally well. What does that mean? I’d say the ordinary is your inner operation system, your foundation, within and also without. It’s your essential framework how you approach life and ultimately your business. Although you are a constant evolution, it doesn’t always mean you are making the progress you hoped for.

This happens as many fail to set their foundations right, once and for all. It might feel like you fall back to zero, again and again. You might miss to understand that your foundations is actually what helps you sustain through your growth rather than falling all the way back. When you fall back you want to make up for it and you end up in the rat race again. Leaving you depleted. If you’d take the time to set your foundations right, once and for all, you create solid ground from the inside out. There is so much power in it.

They say you only fall back to your standards, ultimately the ordinary… on that path you find the magic in slowness, peace of mind, in focus, rest and making space. On the other end you might notice that while you mastered the ordinary for yourself, you’ve also uncovered your extraordinary, as you’ve been that all along. But for it to come to light, master your basics and foundations. Navigate each step with confidence knowing you’ve mastered your system and framework, your ordinary foundation. It gives you time to enjoy the sparkle along the journey rather than racing towards the extraordinary, which by the way — is a never-ending race.

The world became obsessed with “ascending”, but has not yet mastered grounding. Ground yourself. We fall back to our standards and foundations”, if there aren#t any, it’s a hard fall. Set them right from the start, once and for all for softer setbacks and landings.


The Secret That Is Not Enough Talked About…


Too many still place their power outside of themselves unaware that the secret is your basics and own foundations, more within than without. Both matter. Your ability to be consistent and self-disciplined is rooted within you. Waiting for an outside trigger or motivation is placing your energy outside of you rather than understanding you generate it all. Shift your focus. Reclaim it. Remember that self-discipline > than 100 self-help books. Leading yourself well is evolving out of survival mode into thriving mode.


A Reminder: Productivity ≠ Creativity

Productivity is not Creativity: We live in a system that prohibits access to leisure and reflective time. We are constantly working towards being productive but productivity is not necessarily where creativity lives.

Creativity lives in the quiet moments. It’s the in-between. The middle of your flow sprints. Without these moments we can’t be creative. When creative people are not creative, that’s when our work loses its depth and meaning… we tend to get depressed.

We’re like the season. We don’t bloom all year long. Creativity is born in silence. It’s when we do nothing creativity finds us the most. Allow the stillness. It’s nourishing.


Standardizing Before Optimizing

Your standards, are your foundations. Within and without. Set them first. You can only improve what already exists.

What is that for you? In life and business. How stable is it? — Then, when the base is set the focus shifts to growth. While you expand, you optimize. This applies to life and business, meaning don’t live beyond your means and master your active income first before approaching passive income.


A Reminder by Carl Jung to be a Reflective Thinker

“The deep critical thinker has become the misfit of the world, this is not a coincidence. To maintain order and control you must isolate the intellectual, the sage, the philosopher, the savant before their ideas awaken people.” – Carl Jung

Takeaway: Question everything. Not to be right, not to be wrong. TO BE AWARE.
– Sandra Mack


4 Step Mini-Guide To Master The Day, Each Day


Life happens in cycles. If we break it down in its simplest form it’s all about principles. Principles are fundamental truths serving as foundations how you govern your life, what you belief and behave. Mostly unaware. They seem so invisible yet are so essential. They define how you lead yourself throughout this path that is not a linear one but happening in cycles or season – as in nature! Nature has been and still is the greatest mirror and teacher of how to master life.

This Mini-Guide is rooted in these principles to serve you best. First, think of what reignites you, what sets you in motion. It’s the first thing for you in the morning. Secondly, revive — how do you expand that, gain momentum and get your energy going throughout the day. Next, master the day, what is needed for you to master it, this can be a blend of creative work sprints and rest time. Structure your focus throughout the day. Athleticism is great model for this. Lastly, how do you sustain? Make sure to have a longer rest period at night to make space for the new the next day. Use this as an inspiration. Define the cycles that align and tap into the ones that serve you best.


The Neutrality Of The World & Your Own Force In It

Life is not only time passing by - time is neutral - energy is neutral - earth is neutral - nature, water - all is neutral. It’s you who gives meaning to everything. It’s either all meaningful or meaningless – whenever you find yourself caught up in the dark - I want you to think of it as vapor. Zoom out. Neutralize yourself. Remember nature’s way of being. Then choose your new force and the meaning you want to give to it. You are in power. You've always been.

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